15 May 2016

PT. Anugerah Berkah Mandiri (ABMA Land) Brings New Look into the Property and Real Estate Development Business in Indonesia

Jakarta, 15 May 2016

PT. Anugerah Berkah Mandiri (ABMA Land) Brings New Look into the Property and Real Estate Development Business in Indonesia

PT Anugerah Berkah Mandiri (ABMA Land) is a real estate and property development company established in Jakarta on 28 March 2016. Previously named PT. Putra Indonesia Bersama (PIB), it started as a family business with focus on property development, particularly in mixed-use development projects, including apartments, high-rise offices, hotels and other commercial buildings. ABMA aims to build properties that meet the needs of the growing middle to upper segments in several cities in Indonesia, as well as conserving the human and environmental health.

ABMA is currently developing eight properties, in which most of them implements the mixed-use design concept. ABMA is located in Jakarta: Nifarro Park; Banten: Royal Betawi; and Surabaya: East CBD.

ABMA is committed to building properties that are environmentally friendly, livable, comfortable and safe, providing valuable contributions to the sustainable development of each area. In achieving its visions and goals, ABMA collaborates with several well known and trustworthy architectural firms.


About PT. Putra Indonesia Baru (PIB) and PT. Saligading Bersama (SGB)

PIB itself was established in 2006. In order to raise its expansion, the company intends to pursue public offering of shares of its common stock and has altered its name to PT. Anugerah Berkah Madani (ABMA). Both PIB and ABMA are subsidiaries of holding company PT. Saligading Bersama (SGB).

About Ir. Musyanif, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Former CEO of PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (PT. PP) from 2004 – 2011. Musyanif successfully led the company’s quest for IPO launching when the state owned company decided to go public. After his retirement in 2011 from PT. PP, Musyanif focuses all his energy and attention into developing PT. Saligading Bersama (SGB), a company he built as a family business in 2004 and started the business as a property developer. It soon diversified its activities from residential and commercial development to IT solution, aquaculture, entertainment, hotels and restaurants, with property development still being its main business.

Musyanif is an active philanthropist with his vision to share the spirit of entrepreneurship in Indonesia. A recent effort is a long-term joint cooperation with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Tahir Foundation with the launch of The Indonesia Health Fund in 2014, where alongside other businessmen aims to combat diseases such as HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, polio and malaria.

For further info please visit our website at www.abmaland.co.id