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About ABMA

Company at a Glance

PT. Anugerah Berkah Mandiri (ABMA), previously PT. Putra Indonesia Bersama (PIB), started as a family business with focus on property development, particularly in mixed-use development projects, including apartments, high-rise offices, hotels and other commercial buildings. ABMA aims to build properties that meet the needs of the growing middle to upper segments in several cities in Indonesia, as well as conserving the human and environmental health.

PIB itself was established in 2006. In order to raise its expansion, the company intends to pursue public offering of shares of its common stock and has altered its name to ABMA.

ABMA properties are located in Jakarta: Nifarro Park; Banten: Royal Betawi; Surabaya: East CBD.

ABMA is a subsidiary of holding company PT. Saligading Bersama (SGB), a diversified company formed in 2004 that engages mainly in property development, including city and landed development, hotels, IT, aquaculture, entertainment and the food industry.

Saligading Bersama Learning Center (SGBLC)

To continuously shape the minds of all employees to live and breathe the same philosophy of product and service excellence, SGB has built its own training facility to develop its people called the Saligading Bersama Learning Center (SGBLC). It has been in operation since November 2013. The SGBLC is located in Cilember, Bogor.

Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Our Vision

To become a leading and respected company in Indonesia.

Our Mission

To provide positive contribution to all stakeholders, the environment and the nation supported by professional human resources, healthy financial structure, operation efficiency, customer satisfaction orientation, employee welfare and sense of gratitude.

Our Philosophy

Integrity. Trust. Solution.

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles as well as the state of being whole and undivided.

ABMA is committed to meet the needs of its investors and customers with regards to property development plan and ensuring product quality and genuine service.

Trust by definition is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of a person or institution.

ABMA strives to build a solid reputation in order to achieve business success. The company is committed to build mutually beneficial relationship with its investors and customers based on trust and reliable corporate governance practices.

Solution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

ABMA is committed to continuous improvement and research to obtain new opportunities for development and earn public trust.

Message from CEO

Ir. Musyanif

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Since the beginning, we have realized that our path to fulfilling our highest hopes would not always be smooth. We would need to work hard, own a strategy and always have the patience that will make us grow stronger by day. To be grateful for what we have, to have received all the good things that cannot be accounted for.

We constantly strive to translate our vision to become a company that is proven beneficial for the community. This keeps our spirit high and confident of a worthy name in the future. We believe that our optimism will one day lead us to become parallel with other well-known and reputed companies in the nation.

Board of Commissioners & Directors

ABMA is led by a team of dedicated Commissioners and Directors with over 20 years of experience in property and amenity development with strong commitment in realizing the company’s goal in line with its vision, mission and philosophy.

Musyanif Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Former CEO of PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (PT. PP) from 2004 – 2011. Musyanif successfully led the company’s quest for IPO launching when the state owned company decided to go public.

After his retirement in 2011 from PT. PP, Musyanif focuses all his energy and attention into developing PT. Saligading Bersama (SGB), a company he built as a family business in 2004 and started the business as a property developer. It soon diversified its activities from residential and commercial development to IT solution, aquaculture, entertainment, hotels and restaurants, with property development still being its main business.

Musyanif is an active philanthropist with his vision to share the spirit of entrepreneurship in Indonesia. A recent effort is a long-term joint cooperation with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Tahir Foundation with the launch of The Indonesia Health Fund in 2014, where alongside 8 other businessmen aims to combat diseases such as HIV-AIDS, tuberculosis, polio and malaria.  

Agoes Priyambodo
Agoes Priyambodo President Commissioner

Agoes Priyambodo

President Commissioner

Started his career in property development at PT. Pembangunan Perumahan (PT. PP) Persero Tbk in 1972. Agoes was entrusted as Managing Director of PT. PP–Taisei and PT. Mitra Permata Indah, a joint cooperation between PT. PP, Taisei and Mitsui, before returning to PT. PP Head Office in Jakarta as Technical Director.

Graduated from Brawijaya University, Malang, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and from PPM School of Management, Jakarta, a Master’s degree in Financial Management.

Agoes joined ABMA’s holding company, SGB in 2011 as Director of Business Development.

Aceng Karimullah
Aceng Karimullah Independent Commissioner

Aceng Karimullah

Independent Commissioner

Aceng began his career at PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek in the Operations Division. He then joined PT. Trakindo Utama where he dedicated 30 years of his work experience managing the Parts Inventory Division before joining SGB in 2010 as Advisor in Human Resources Department.

Aceng obtained his academic degree in Industrial from Bandung National Academy of Technology and his Bachelor of Economics at the University of Indonesia.

Laksmi Dyah Anggraini
Laksmi Dyah Anggraini Director of Finance

Laksmi Dyah Anggraini

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance, Laksmi oversees the administrative function of the organization and contributes to the overall success of the company by effectively managing all financial tasks for the company.

Laksmi graduated with honors from Michigan State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Finance and continued her education at the National University of Singapore where she acquired her Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Ismujoko Commissioner



Ismujoko started his career in Information Technology at PT Cipta Paramula Sejati, before becomming Director at PT Java Tehnik from 1992 - 2004. He was Commissioner of PT Saligading Bersama (SGB) before appointed as Commissioner at PT Anugerah Berkah Madani (ABMA Land)

Ismujoko graduted from Academy of Information Management and Computer, Jakarta, with a D-3 degree

Joko Margono
Joko Margono Director of Human Resources

Joko Margono

Director of Human Resources

Joko brings over 35 years of experience in the urban amenities sector, particularly in railway transportation. 

Over the course of seven years since 2007, he has served as Managing Director in several sectors of the Indonesian Railways Company (PT. KAI), including Human Capital and General Affairs, Development and Logistics and Safety and Security in 2014. His most recent role is Commissioner to PT. Reska Multi Usaha, a subsidiary of PT. KAI that manages railway restaurant services.

Joko obtained his Master’s degree in Business Administration from STIE IEU, Bandung in 1994 and Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 1979 from ITS, Surabaya.

Andre Jerrico Legoh
Andre Jerrico Legoh Director of Business Development

Andre Jerrico Legoh

Director of Business Development

Andre has been involved in the business development sector for over 19 years. He joined the company in 2005 and was entrusted to run Essence Darmawangsa Apartment in Jakarta, a subsidiary of PT. SGB, as President Director. He was summoned by SGB to assist at the holding company as Director of Business Development in 2014.

A graduate of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in the field of Architecture in 1994, Andre also pursued the world of accounting and finance, and received his qualifications from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) in 2001.

Ivada L. Santoso
Ivada L. Santoso Director of Marketing

Ivada L. Santoso

Director of Marketing

Ivada has worked in the field of property marketing for over 21 years. Prior to joining SGB in 2005, she was an Associate Director at Ray White Commercial.

She started her career at Essence Darmawangsa Apartment, a subsidiary of SGB, as Marketing Director and then was promoted to President Director of same property.

Ivada graduated from The University of Oklahoma where she received her MBA in Finance.

Taufan Edy Raharjo
Taufan Edy Raharjo Director of Construction

Taufan Edy Raharjo

Director of Construction

Taufan was Project Manager at (PT. PP) Persero Tbk for a decade before appointed to CEO of PDAM Tegal, Central Java. He joined PT. SGB in 2010 as CEO of PT. Putra Indonesia Bersama (PIB).

He received his Master’s degree in Management from the University of Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto, Central Java; and his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Wijaya Kusuma, Surabaya.